The balance between chaos and order

We have both in our lives and no matter what we cannot experience one without the other.

Chaos creates unbalance, challenges and puts us in the position to fight for regaining control.

Order settle things, gives us the control back. However it is a temporary state. It won’t be order forever. 

It will always be treathened by external factors which will create an unbalance. And so the chaos re-creates itself.

It is a cycle and we experience it every day in everything from personal life to work, society, politics and so on.

Both states are good for us because from chaos we learn how to gain control and from order we learn how to structure things. 

Each chaos state helps us create a more advanced order structure since we gain experience through each fall. 

Each order state that we re-gain is the proof that we can go beyond our limits and we never give up.


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