About taking the right decision 

Sometimes it is quite hard to make up your mind. Generally… it can also happen when you know what you want but not sure about the right way of getting there.

There’s always this small doubt cloud that comes above your head and makes you re-think a bit the decision made.

However you move along with your decision. And then impediments happen… some of them you can jump over, some of them you can try to avoid and while struggling you get again the doubt cloud over your head. Have I taken the right decision?

You shake the thought out and think – but I’m half way there! So you keep on moving forward.

Then other factors come into the picture. Time – for example. Getting there by doing this will probably take more time than expected.

You get in doubt again. It would have taken less time if you’d have made another choice.

Afterwards you remind yourself the arguments of taking this decision and move forward again.

Finally you get there. The road was long and the struggle hard. And probably where you are right now turns out not to be the place you expected or maybe it is?!


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