I wrote something !ong time ago about masks.

I must admit that I use this motive quite frequent in my drawings/ paintings.

It is simply because masks have always fascinated me with their duplicity and the mistery they carry.

Now, we can see masks as a fake surface which hides something deep behind.

We can think about masks as a refuge from the outside. 

They can always be related to a wall for feelings which we do not want to share with the world surrounding us.

Masks in my art usually symbolizes hidden feelings and mistery. They are the unknown element of my painting.

Sometimes I use them instead of drawing a face with the idea that anyone can find itself behind the mask in the particular situation described. The painting then will not relate to one character but with each viewer. 

This provides the painting freedom. It does not lock in one single character. On the contrary it opens up to welcome each viewer to experience being behind the mask.

Therefore masks can be seen as a gateway to unlock different experiences depicted in my art.


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