Discussion with my alter ego

Ligia. The small creature sitting and smoking on a flower top is my alter ego. The representation of myself in this art world.

Ligia: What’s new? You look awfull!

She stared at me while taking a deep smoke, hoping that I was not hit by a train or something similar.

Me: Thank you. You are a dear!

Ligia: I know. You made me like this. Well?

Me: I am afraid.

Ligia: Because?

Me: I am afraid that what seemed to be just a dream might turn into reality now.

Ligia: Why is that a bad thing?

Me: Reality hurts…

Ligia stopped for a moment from her smoking and burst into a crazy laughter….

Ligia: That is nothing new. You’ve been there before… what is wrong?

Me: I am afraid this time it might turn right.

Ligia: Alright now let’s get one thing straight! What are you afraid of?

Me: What do you mean?

Ligia: Are you afraid of living what you already lived? Or are you afraid of living what you have never lived before?

Me: Both

Ligia: Then relax…

Me: How can I do that?

Ligia: Dream the sea tonight. The sea never will disappoint you and you will find an answer.

Me: I’ll try. Hey, but what about you? You are still me! What are you going to do about this?

Ligia: I will live the moment like there is no past or future. Is just now.


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