Discussion with my alter ego – part 2

Feeling confused I turned to Ligia again.

Me: I was right. Reality hurts. And I felt it so deep until the last inches of my bones.

I shouldn’t have listened to you!

Ligia: You have listened to your heart. That is a good thing!

But you cannot turn a stone into feelings. A stone which has never ever felt something close to happiness.

Me: Can’t we send to the other person our happiness and help them feel it too?

Ligia: Through the real world ? No! Reality is just a shadow most of us enjoy living on the surface.

Happiness is beyond this shadow. Is where the heart is.

If there is no heart, then they cannot feel it.

Leave the stones with the stones and search for the people beyond the reality’s shadow.

They are the ones who will know what happiness is.

Me: I guess it is the best I can do for me now. By the way, I dreamed the sea last night!

Ligia smiled and took a deep smoke: Now that is another story!


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