The come back

The come back

She died then. Her soul was dead. Buried in sorrow. Collapsed by every single thought running through her head.

She died all of the sudden. It was a surprise even for herself how deep this death felt.

She died so many times before but not once like this time.

She was swimming into darkness. Blind. Without any direction. It seemed there was nothing left out there.

The daily routine kept her moving just like artificial breathing through a machine. She was there, but she was dead inside.

She knew she had to struggle to come back but the pain was too strong. The motivation was there but she was relapsing. She was fighting the monsters that killed her.

She couldn’t understand how something so strong and pure can kill you?! And why her?! Why exactly her?! Why her heart was so weak to fall in love with a lie?? Why?

She woke up one day from this nightmare, but not all of the sudden. She woke up slowly. She felt the curse around her heart diminishing step by step. Day by day.

She embraced a different kind of feeling coming into her life.

It was a feeling of freedom. It was this wave of transparency that she was facing. Suddenly there were no more lies, no more secrets, no more hidden subjects.

It was clear.

Slowly she realized that this feeling was turning into love.

This love that she was waiting for until now, all her life.

The real love.

The unconditioned love, without boundaries, secrets, fear, fakes and interpretations.

Than she remembered a thought from longtime ago saying “live this love!”

She did. She still does. She lives now.


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