About love by my alter ego

Ligia, my alter ego, smokes. She sits down on her blue flower and reads into her smoke. Perhaps she is able to predict something?!

I asked her one thing related to her predictions – If she sees love into the smoke? And if she does, how does this love looks like? Is it the real one?

Here’s what she answered:


I have seen different types of love. But there will always be one love that is the real love. That love that will change you forever.

That love that will make you feel happiness.

And perhaps that same love that will send you directly to hell.

That is the real love.

There will always be other love in your life. There will always be people you will feel attached to, people you will feel safe with, people who will pick up the pieces of your broken heart and will put them together.

These people, you will also love. Differently , truly but not profound like the real love.

The real love will always have a place in the deepest corners of your heart.

However, people have learned from life how to live also without the real love.

They have learned how to move on and still love others but not at the same intensity.

You have learned to live with the damage but have chosen to love again.

That makes you strong.

And I am glad for what life brought to you, because surprisingly it seems we can find love where we will never expect it to show up.”

She was right. Again.


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