About change

Why do we want to change things in our lives?

Why we don’t just let the things be and expect that changes will occur naturally?

Change to something new, something better , something or someone that makes us happier than we are now….

Change is a challenge or a risk sometimes.

Change affects not only us but the people around us too.

We take the decision to change expecting the best from the new opportunity.

The change that we undertake it will change us. But sometimes not the expected way. Sometimes it can go wrong or even better.

But beneath all this, we change ourselves as individuals. We learn from the changes and we evolve in character.

We know more, we can more things and we have new horizons.

I changed from the person I was a year ago. I learned not to settle anymore. I learned I can more. And I learned that no matter what I will still find happiness…

Somehow, somewhere, into someone, no matter the odds, pain, suffering and mistakes.

I learned the hard way to never give up and this has changed me.


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