About change. 2

Change is a transformation process that we all go through, whether we like it or not. I was hoping to write about a different change at the end of this week, but life brings always the unexpected. Now I feel this week lasted a whole month.

Change can be sudden, unexpected, longed, feared or even drastic.

The shock of a change comes naturally and it usually feels that suddenly the ground is gone underneath your feet, you miss your balance and now you are floating trying to the regain it. Trying to find the safe ground under you.

That is when you feel that all you built with strong roots can be crushed by a single act of change.

However change brings also hope, new things, new ways and new people.

In the end it is not the actual change we fear of, but the outcome of it. This means we must get through it to see what lies ahead.

In the picture. “The human mask”. Nothing to do with our current times, for a change! 🙂


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