The update of exhibition

As from today guests can see the story of “The Elf Queen Dreams” at Galleri-Randers. The Wheel started spinning! 🙂 Enjoy!  

The Sunday Artwork reveal. The Elf Queen Dreams

The Elf Queen Dreams, canvas 40 x 40 cm. I Dream a dream inside another  dream. Fantasy world inside  a fantasy World. What could the dreams of the Elf Queen be like? Could it be our reality ? Or could it be another fantasy? Can anyone imagine that?

The Sunday Artwork reveal. My housse

I once dreamed how my ideal housse would look like. Not the classic architecture, not the style, not the perfect symetric windows, not the straight lines… nothing of this kind has really impressed me. My house is a mixture of thoughts, feelings and secrets. It’s a clear architectural line of dreams and emotions. . It has been…

Night into day – the Sunday Artwork reveal

So here we are again – my weekly reveal is ready for this week. Night into Day – Acrylic on canvas, 50 x 50 cm. If only we knew when the night turns into day, what the day will bring? Should it be a special recipe for each day we are living on Earth? 1 Sun…

So…it is time

So it is time for the weekly Sunday art reveal by A Sleepy Spirit Art! And it is actually time itself I will be talking about in this post… Have you ever imagined how time looks like? Any idea how it can present itself? Beneath the common face of each clock… It should be quite a…