The queen, taking a break

Tired.. very tired… I just need a moment far from everyone around this kingdom. Faces, Voices, fake smiles, opinions, pieces of advice, valuable information…all of them must disappear for this moment to take place. And I know that is almost impossible, unachievable and too much to ask for. I therefore take this moment inside myself and close down everything around me. I will be a … Continue reading The queen, taking a break

Interview with A Sleepy Spirit Art

My best friend Alexandra Medaru and at the same time a great fantasy writer has given me the chance to this interview featured into her blog. . Follow Alexandra Medaru at Sneak Peak – extract from the interview: 1. Hi Oana! Tell my readers more about yourself… Hi Alexandra! First of all, thank you for the opportunity of an interview! I’m very happy to be included into … Continue reading Interview with A Sleepy Spirit Art