The artist soul

Slowly she opens the old pencil box where besides pencils are all other useless things gathered from everyday.

With trembling hands and tired mind she finally reached a pencil and a pencil sharpener.

It has been such a long time since she has done this it seems like an encounter with a lost forgotten self.

Then she takes the pencil in her left hand and at the lamp light she starts drawing.

The lines are unsure at the beginning, she is hesitating thinking that she might have lost this ability, her talent.

But then the image from her mind cuts through and now she is ready. She is drawing. This is the moment where nothing else matters for her. Reality is far away and unreachable now.

Cotidian issues, problems, work, family … Everything fades away. It is the moment when the artist is revealed.

It is the moment when she becomes herself again. When she finally encounters her long lost life. 

Now she knows. Everything this life will offer her cannot extinct the burning flame inside her heart. The artist soul is still there inside her. And will never fade away.

It will come up to the surface from time to time, struggling to break through, fighting for perhaps a few minutes of creativity, never giving up the dream.


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