It makes no sense

The sleep metaphor 

Or how can we call it better?! Our biggest fears revealed while sleeping through our dreams. This sketch is trying to present a mixed set of feelings and emotions related to sleep. It is not the deepest drawing that can reveal this complexity but it is an attempt.

From sketch to painting: “My housse”

As I promised in an earlier post, I will present the sketches of some artworks. The story behind my “housse” is presented and it can be summarised here: My house is not a house of bricks is a house of thoughts and feelings. So, here it is… The beginning of this painting. 

Guardians of the heart

This sketch is a map of feelings and emotions the human is experiencing in life.  It depicts complex features and symbolic elements which highlight them. The heart carries different complex feelings during life represented by the two masks placed in front. They also have a protective characteristic. They place before the heart as a shell…


I wrote something !ong time ago about masks. I must admit that I use this motive quite frequent in my drawings/ paintings. It is simply because masks have always fascinated me with their duplicity and the mistery they carry. Now, we can see masks as a fake surface which hides something deep behind. We can…

Dreams, feelings and faith

Cardboard paintings 20 x 25 cm ca. This collection defines dreams, feeling and faith. From the dreams man has to the feelings man develops and at last to the faith man will be choosing in life. The dream keepers are the ones holding fast to the man’s dreams. The feelings are the masks the man puts on…