My own theory of love

This is just a thought that came to me after various experiences of life.

Experiences that made me believe that:

The more complex the human being, the harder the ability to feel, express and transmit love.

Why and how did I come to this conclusion ?

First of all, what do I mean by “more complex”?

A human being can be complex in different kinds of ways. But here, I refer to the complexity of their life at the surface.

Humans are being busy with what is on the outside and forget about the inside.

Humans are complex trying to maintain relationships on social media, fighting to behold appearances, to be approved by groups they want to integrate to.

They think so much about the surface life, the they forget what it really matters.

The inside, the inner self.

Therefore they are losing the ability to love. Humans become selfish. They lie and are fake. They loose the meaning of the feeling. Their relationships are vague, random, short term and based on different interests.

It is so rare these days to see someone actually talking about real love.

When was the last time you cried because of love? And only because of this feeling?

I found more genuine love at more simple humans. Humans that live in the same reality as the others but are more detached from the surfaces. They know to go beyond. They are aware that love is a feeling that is to be lived as it comes naturally in their lives. They know how to love. And they never expect anything in return. That is because giving love returns love without too much effort. It just comes naturally.

The complex human forgets that. It gets scared to go beyond the surface. It runs away every time this boundary is reached and bounces back to their fake unfulfilled lives.


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