The come back

She died.


It makes no sense

Guardians of the heart

This sketch is a map of feelings and emotions the human is experiencing in life.  It depicts complex features and symbolic elements which highlight them. The heart carries different complex feelings during life represented by the two masks placed in front. They also have a protective characteristic. They place before the heart as a shell…

Human vase

The “Human vase” is a painting describing the three stages in a human’s life. It’s more like the “Evolutional paintings” presented in one of my previous posts but in a more concentrated way. It depicts a flower and its three stages of evolution – just like humans. The details –  I won’t share with you…

Life through children’s eyes. (The evolutional paintings)

First reaction of these three paintings: ”WTF is this?” Normal thought indeed …but listen here what they are supposed to mean! I can remember when I was little the first drawings I could ever make was a house, a face of a man made out of digits and a cat made out of the eight…