Interview with A Sleepy Spirit Art

My best friend Alexandra Medaru and at the same time a great fantasy writer has given me the chance to this interview featured into her blog. .

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Sneak Peak – extract from the interview:

1. Hi Oana! Tell my readers more about yourself…

Hi Alexandra! First of all, thank you for the opportunity of an interview! I’m very happy to be included into your new blog section.

About myself…very short…28 years old, I live in Denmark since 2010. I‘ve been studying at Aarhus University until 2013 and after graduating I moved to Randers, about 40 minutes drive from Aarhus. I have a full time job within controlling and I have recently become a mom. :) That would conclude the real life part.

On the other side, I am an artist who puts her dreams and thoughts on a canvas or a piece of paper. A Sleepy Spirit Art is the fantasy world where my art can be found.

2. How did your passion for art start?

Art was there within me from the start. I don’t know really… I can’t imagine my life without art. I’ve been drawing and painting ever since I was a child.

I know that in life other priorities come in first but no matter how hard it is, and no matter how bad I stand with time…I still need art, breath art and maybe sometimes just take one moment to have one artistic little thought or idea in my head.

Everything around us can speak art…it is up to us to understand it.

3. Who are your favorite artists and why?

I like the classics, such as Johannes Vermeer. I admire him because of his full detailed paintings and perfect combination of colors on the canvas. But on the other side, I also like Salvador Dali. I love his surrealistic expression of life inspired by his eccentric way of living.

4. Does any of your favorite artists have a special influence on you?

Not only my favorite artists had a great influence, but the greatest artists in general have had a strong influence on my work. This influence is not specifically from a technical point of view but more from a spiritual point of view. All of them had one great thing in common. All of them have pushed artistic boundaries of their own times. All of them had something important to express with their art during their lifetime. And all of them have left a pattern in the history of art. That is exactly what I also want to achieve. This is my dream.

5. When was A Sleepy Spirit Art brought to life?

A Sleepy Spirit was actually an old DeviantArt ID I had back in my teenage years. I used to have a page where I posted all my artwork.

A Sleepy Spirit has developed to A Sleepy Spirit Art or how I like to call it: the love for the art of dreams (iubirea pentru arta viselor – în română).

It started back in 2014 when I opened a small art gallery in Randers. I had a few possibilities to exhibit but in the end I closed it down due to lack of time.

I am right now working on putting A Sleepy Spirit Art back on its feet again.

6. What does A Sleepy Spirit Art represent to you?

A Sleepy Spirit Art is a part of me. It’s the representation of the fantasy world I have built through my art.

A Sleepy Spirit Art has a symbol. It’s called Ligia. This painting is actually a representation of me in this fantasy world. She is a small creature, sitting down on a flower and smoking. She is sitting between the light and the darkness and reading into the smoke of her cigarette. She is always on the edge of taking important decisions. Should it be the darkness or the light she will choose this time? That is still not defined yet. :)

7. Do you believe that your paintings could be included in a certain artistic movement?

Actually… no. I believe that my paintings do not belong anywhere else then under A Sleepy Spirit Art‘s own concept. I want to promote this idea. This is because I personally do not feel the need to integrate my art under a certain artistic movement. I do not want my art to belong to something that is already established. I want my art to establish something new. Therefore I wrote on my Blog that A Sleepy Spirit Art is a concept itself. It does not need any back up from any other artistic movement. It is on its own, pushing the artistic boundaries.

8. Where can people find A Sleepy Spirit Art? Are orders also available for Romania?

People can find A Sleepy Spirit Art on my blog:, Facebook, Instagram and DeviantArt.

I have the opportunity to exhibit in Galleri Randers starting with the 1st of February 2017, in Randers.

Orders are also available on my blog and for everyone (also from Romania) who is interested in A Sleepy Spirit Art.

9. What are your future plans regarding A Sleepy Spirit Art?

Right now I am trying to establish a recurring event each Sunday – The Sunday Artwork Reveal – where I present one artwork and describe it to the public in a few words.

I will also exhibit the artwork featured every week in Galleri Randers starting from February 2017. It will be a trial period here to see if it catches the public.

The concept behind this is that I want people to see a painting or a drawing, but I also want them to understand the idea behind it. What does it mean? How did I get there?

In the future – I want to continue the artwork reveal – because this way I can make art but also present to the public the meanings of the art I create.

My primary focus is to make the public understand my art, find themselves in it, find their life in it and afterwards eventually they can consider to buy it.

There is „art” everywhere around us. Nowadays in the supermarkets you can find a canvas. So if the public wants a painting to put on their walls they can find it so easy. But if the public wants a painting to talk about life, dreams or it needs something to mirror their souls in it – they could find it in A Sleepy Spirit Art.

10. Thank you Oana! Any last words?

Thank you too Alexandra. As last words I would like to say that any „like” and „share” of my gallery’s pages will be very much appreciated. A Sleepy Spirit Art cannot be an art gallery without the support from the public.

Read the whole interview and more facts about A Sleepy Spirit Art here:



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