The evolution of my art as is…

As mentioned into my earlier post, I want to compare myself from now with myself 10 years ago. What changed? How I evolved? Am I more skilled? Have I lost the talent?

First impression, I consider myself less skilled. More in a hurry. Impatient with myself.

This says a lot about my actual life. I am always in a hurry, running, pressed by situations and commitments.

I became an ordinary robot.

Despite all this, I still believe in my dream. My dream which is so vague, that I wonder myself how come I haven’t gave up upon it until now ?

Perhaps there are still chances and I will continue to believe in it no matter how hard it is for me, both physically and emotionally.

That little crumb of dream that it is still shining in my life and still keeps me fighting.

Good. Let’s continue the dream.


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