Critique to myself

I will make an experiment. I will recreate old drawings not to copy them, but to see how I evolved.

The first feeling was impatience. I was impatient to finish the drawing.

It seemed like I was running after myself on the paper.

Then it was the fear. The fear that I have not enough time to finish the drawing.

First drawing: Silent entity.

Recreated after the original from 2009.

I have not used so many details, but the lines are more sharp.

It seems that I have an abstract tendency that is more evolved in comparison with 2009.

In 2009, I was shaping everything into curves, small details in each corner.

Now, It seems I tend to be more sharp in creating the shapes. More determined. Like I found out faster the direction of the lines, where I want to head to.

The heart is still there, meaning that the central piece of the drawing remains the same.

Silence expressed in two different ways. Soft and sharp.

Experiment 1 finished.




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