The sleep metaphor 

Or how can we call it better?! Our biggest fears revealed while sleeping through our dreams. This sketch is trying to present a mixed set of feelings and emotions related to sleep. It is not the deepest drawing that can reveal this complexity but it is an attempt.

A dream’s reality

Between what is real and what is a dream? Which is which ? And which one is better? What is real in a dream? What is a dream in reality?


I got lost into reality and I am still trying to encounter the dream from where I came from… Ðescription of the sketch: old, rusty and never made it into a painting until now unfortunately… 

The Sunday Artwork reveal. The Elf Queen Dreams

The Elf Queen Dreams, canvas 40 x 40 cm. I Dream a dream inside another  dream. Fantasy world inside  a fantasy World. What could the dreams of the Elf Queen be like? Could it be our reality ? Or could it be another fantasy? Can anyone imagine that?

The Sunday Artwork reveal. My housse

I once dreamed how my ideal housse would look like. Not the classic architecture, not the style, not the perfect symetric windows, not the straight lines… nothing of this kind has really impressed me. My house is a mixture of thoughts, feelings and secrets. It’s a clear architectural line of dreams and emotions. . It has been…